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WS2813 Vena LED strip for Art Center in Russian

We provided a LED lighting solution for an art center in Russia last November.

The customer’s project require flame dreamcolor effect.

The delivery of the project was very urgent. The client told us that the local TV station would interview in five days.


To highlight the mystical effect, the project does not need too bright. So we recommend ws2813 LED strips in 60LEDs per meter.

Considering the cost of the project, we recommend serial signal controller system to the customer. (T-1000s controller was really good price for this project)

In order to get the best lighting effect, we communicate in real time through SKYPE online chat. Revise the program repeatedly.

We even adjust the color of each LED point to make the lighting effect more perfect.

I have to praise the dedication of the customer. He repeatedly tested the program on the spot and pointed out the details that needed to be modified.

Finally, share a short video with you.



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