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Use LED Build to program effects

1.Use LED Build to program effects
LED Build download link:

Software tutorial video download link:

Install LED Build on your computer.

Assume you have made three programs named 001.dat, 002.dat, 003.dat (Note: dat is the file format). Copy these three files to SD card, and insert SD card into controller.



2.Install LEDDPF.apk to your phone
LEDDPF download link:
Install LEDDPF on your phone.





3. Power on controller and LED strips, and connect strips to controller.

For single line chips(GND,DAT), like WS2811:

For double line chips(GND,CLK,DAT), like APA102:

For DMX512(GND,D+,D-):

4.Open LEDDPF, connect your phone to controller via WIFI, control lights.

Click “menu” button — “WLAN Set”.

Controller is named as “HCX_xxxxxx”.

Click and connect, password is “88888888”.

Then, click “return” button to return back to LEDDPF. Wait for about 5 seconds.

You can click these three files to switch programs.

Click “menu”– “Settings” to set playing speed and brightness. And choose to play all files in circle or play single file in circle.


Before doing that, you need to set the connection method, RGB order, width and height of your screen.

Click “menu”— “Settings”. For example, the RGB order is “RGB”, width and height are both 10.

Then, choose the connection method of your screen among the five options in the pull-down menu of “Sculpt”.

Choose one of the connections according to the real connection method of your screen.

If none of them is correct, choose “Read scu file”, controller will read the scu file saved in SD card.(Please refer to the LED Build tutorial video).

After all set up, click menu “Doodle”, jump to the doodle interface.




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