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Compare APA102 and SK9822 LED

Now there are more and more led with driver , so more people may be confuse what is the difference between of them , Now , let us talk about them.

 APA102 and SK9822

APA102,SK9822 Double signal , One is data signal , another is clock signal , 2 signal make high PWM frequencymuch faster than SK6822,WS2813, SK6812,WS2812B, So when big project , they will not stuck on big project because of the signal transfer too big . By the way APA102 PWM is faster than SK9822,APA102 PWM Frequency is 19khz , SK9822 only have 4.7khZ, and both of the APA102 and SK9822 LED don’t need capacitor ,it is because the die of them have the function on Filtering the signal .the difference between them is the first signal , the first signal ,Old SK9822 is a base Synchronization signal, and APA102 LED don’t have this signal . normally they can be control by same controller.and compatible , but sometimes with some special controller , they can not .

Now New SK9822 have been redesigned , and it have same first signal as APA102 led now ., can use same controller . As APA102 IC production time is so Long ,SK9822 is a good choose to replace APA102 LED.




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