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Addressable RGB full color 1903/2811/16703 DC12V 30mm 3 LED pixel light with clear lens for outdoor LED decoration lighting

Product Details
Input Voltage
IC Type
1903,2811,16703 (accept other IC )
Drill Size
Waterproof Grade
Grade IP67
Work Temperature
-30-+60 C
 2 years
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This LED module, as a led pixel point source lights, is suitable for digital led colorful characters, spurts draws, channel letters, blister words, various kinds of light source of illumnation facility. Especally for outdoor media screen

Product Details

1. Individually control: 3PCS LED pixel light & 1IC (UCS1903)
2. Waterproof: IP67, with silicon glue waterproof protection.
3. Installation: Easy to install, drill the hole about 30-31mm.

4. Power supply: must use 12V DC power supply

5. Connetors: 3 pin JST female and male connectors or 3 Pin waterproof connectors, DAT, DC12V+, GND-, each led pixel is separate, you can connect them one by one via male and female connectors easliy.

6. Color and effect: addressable lights you can set to any color or animate, like running water,chasing and scanning etc. depending on the different installation methods may compose different dynamic effect of different color’s character and design
7. Factory sales directly, good quality and price, offer 2 years warranty and quikly after-sale service.

Offline controller : K-1000C SD controller supports 2000 pixels max.T-4000C and K-8000C can control 4000 and 8000 pixels.
Online controller : T-400K, 500K for online working, can controller max 4000, 6000 pixels. Compatible with DMX, ardunio and the controller who can operate the SPI signal.


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